When I was younger, I worked for a place that established a new code of ethics where a certain percentage of workers had to be people of color. When a new manager stepped in to run the place, everything changed dramatically. Many of the non-black employees were being let go or fired and then replaced with black workers. I was one of the ones who was fired. I was fired for something that would normally constitute as a write-up. At that point, I no longer wanted to work there so I didn't bother fighting it but had I done so, I don't think anything would have happened because the manager was black and I was not. There is a discrimination happening in the workplace where black men and women get authoritative positions and seem to want to weed everyone out that isn't the same race as them. 

Why is this not seen as an issue but the other way around (mind you both are VERY wrong) is deemed unethical and racist? 

Ridgeway Pass

As long as there is a perception of "White Privelege", then reverse racism will not exist in peoples' eyes. It does, of course, but the current social climate makes it politically incorrect to bring it up as a valid issue. The current climate is one of repirations towards black people for decades of  slavery and subjegation. Personally, I feel this is something borne from people who have too much time on their hands and feel the need to right perceived wrongs that were had against a race of people other than their own..

But more to the point, yes, you could have stood up and said something, you might have even been able to instigate some internal change within that company. But I don't think that would have changed the overall social perception that black people deserve a break. Most people of color that I have personally met do not believe this, by the way. It's other people who want to take up a cause on behalf of others who believe this. 

She and I

Discrimination is the by-product of personal bias. How do you legislate personal bias? You don't unles the society is draconian, which America is not.

There is no quick fix to this. It would take more than a few generations to "de-program" people out of their biases and even that attempt will probably fail. 

Corrent me if I'm wrong, but no other country on earth has this problem nearly to the extent that America does. Why? Because America was built on and still lives with, the welcoming of anybody from any culture. 

Take that as you will.