I don't have children, but a friend of mine recently decided to sever her relationship with her son.  

If you're a parent, is there any reason you would ever sever a relationship with one of your children?  

Would you ever sever a relationship you have with a parent?  My mom and I have always had a rocky relationship.  She has been an alcoholic my entire life, and she's done so many things that have hurt me and others in our family, but I can't imagine completely cutting contact with her.  

What, if anything, would cause you to sever a relationship you have with a family member?


I can imagine situations where you have the choice between remaining miserable for life, or severing a relationship. In such instances, I'd say chosing your own (mental) health is the best course of action.

I'd not consider it easy to sever a relationship with a child as long as they are minor, but if they are an adult and (for instance) an all-out criminal, violent and stuff... yep, they wouldn't be welcome in my home.