What are your views when it comes to pornography when it deals with one or both partners in a marriage using it?

I have always and will forever believe it to be a form of cheating. Physically you are not touching other people but mentally and emotionally you are and that can be just as damaging.  


I never seen pornography as a form of cheating. Indeed average men that watch porn are less inclined to cheat in real life, and average womanizer watch less or nothing of porn.

I dont watch it, but for more selfish reasons. I want that advantage. Pornography isnt a good thing for men, is a distraction, alters your brain chemicals, your hormones. So I am in my natural state.

Since avoiding porn makes you really very assertive, is a game changer.

I dont cheat, but I like the female attention I get, I feel confident and healthy.

I am in a good relationship, but in any case it ended, it would easy for me to meet new women. Men that watch pornography are deceiving their brain, so dont need to meet other women, since they unconsciously belive they are done.

From a certain point of view, this could be a moral reason to avoid porn, its a distraction of being the best version of yourself.

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I think pornography is immoral.   I don't view it as cheating, but I believe the industry takes advantage of vulnerable men and women.  It puts their bodies and mental health at risk.  Sadly, I happen to watch it anyway.  I think pornography is great for viewing something that seems titillating, but might not be something you actually want to do.  It's perfectly legal, but still immoral.   

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The morals of this depends on your vantage point. HOW are you viewing it? As in, what's your state of mind? Are you simply viewing it for stimulation? I see no problem with that. It's more natural than a Viagra type drug when you get right down to it.

Are you viewing it because you enjoy watching women get demeaned? Or enjoy watching them demean themsleves? If so, then it's not really the porn you're attracted to. It's the mental part of it. If that's the case, then it's not very moral. Not the porn, but the reason why you watch it.

I hope that made sense.


I don't think watching porn really harms anyone's marriage. It can even help it for all I know. It's really up to the people on how they take this kind of thing in their marriage. Nor can it be considered. You just watched anyway. Not much harm there until there's any act involved.


Pornography in the old days is similar to movie making where actors and actresses portray sex scenes. Nowadays, there are some porns where the girls are sex slaves or needed to do it for money.

On the viewers' side of the story, it totally depends on the belief system of the person. There are some researches where they say it is normal to watch porn to enhance the sexual intimacy between husband and wife. On the other hand, the religious group of people tends to shy away from this practice as it goes against their beliefs.