Political ethics........the oxymoron to end all oxymorons.

There is a story coming out of Phoenix Az. that has really got my blood boiling. 


Paul Mosley is a state representative out of Lake Havasu City Az., and he claimed legislative immunity for the reason he cannot get a ticket for speeding. That is only half true because there are times, when the Arizona congress is out of session for example, when state representatives can get arrested for criminal speeding among ather infractions. But that isn't really the point. The man clearly believes he is above the law. His lack of ethics is what leads to this serious character flaw and, in my opinion, he shouldn't be representing a flock of geese, let alone the people in his district.

What do you think? Should the man be relieved of his duties? 


I've ridden with two politicians while they were caught speeding. Each time they were given no favors by the police officer or legal system and each time both were embarrassed, admitted they were wrong, and paid the fine.  I was honestly pleasantly surprised.  

I think politicians who believe the laws don't apply to them should be ousted.  After all, if that was someone living in poverty, they'd have to pay the fine.  If they couldn't afford to pay it,  they'd be charged a late fee and interest that would keep piling up.  Eventually they'd lose their license or be thrown in jail for non-payment. I bet that same politician would sneer at the poor driver and say that if they can't pay the ticket, then they can't afford to speed and should suffer the consequences.