How much of an affect do you think different cultures have on moral standards? Do you think, for instance, that every single person, at birth, on the planet has the same moral structure built into them, and that the culture they are born into alters that morality to fit the culture they grow into?

She and I

Ahhhh, the old nature vs. nurture debate. yes

I don't think morals are as much of a persons dna as they are taught. Take a 1 year old from China, Saudi Arabia and America and put them in the same sandbox and they will get along simply by being together. Seperate them and put them back together after 15 years and they won't get along by being together because the different moral standards of their cultures will have been taught to them. 

So to answer your question..........alot. 


I think it's more nurture than nature. I recall reading somewhere that the whole concept of "race" among humans is non-existant in biological terms. So yeah. I'd say we have the same basic neural infrastructure.