I read on a news site where Michael Jackson's father, the late Joe Jackson (Good riddance to bad rubbish) had Michael chemically castrated at a very young age so as to keep the high pitch in his voice when he sang. 

This is all over the news now, but do you think Conrad Murray, the doctor leveling the accusations towards a dead man, are true?

Personally, I think it would help explain a lot about Michael himself. That, and Joe Jackson has always seemed to be the kind of "man" who would do such a thing.

She and I

Does Dr. Murray have a reason to lie? Is he out of jail yet? He always came across to me as the straightforward type, so I believe him.

I don't think Mr. Jackson had an ethical bone in his body, so I woldn't put it past him to do that to his own son.


Haven't heard of this before. Would it be right for us to say something about the consequences of such an intervention, before we know whether it's true? Frankly, I haven't really heard anything about the father of MJ before. Well, maybe that he was a pretty tough manager, but that's it.