In 2006, Mel lost it having a drunk phone call with his ex. Not only did he express hate at Jewish people, but he also threatened to take her life.

Since then, more stuff has surfaced that shows what kind of a horrible person he is.  Watch the video below.


Too bad. Gibson has a long story of women abuse.

Passion of the Christ is a good movie, but now I cant help to think once in a while Gibson was maybe motivated by his hate against jewish, thus depticting them more crude that in other movies telling the same history.

writing prodigy

The downfall of this man is epic. He had a very good career both when he is still the actor and even more so when he became a director. Specially in that movie the passion of christ. But after those discoveries about his hate against a race, man I don't know how he can get out from this.


Depends who you're asking. According to some, the Passion was already a clear symptom of Mel Gibson being an anti-semite. There's been quite a bit of turmoil about it back then. I was a bit young to understand it all, but I got the fact that anti-semitism was the main objection.