Is it wrong to have an open relationship? Some people have relationships, or marriages, where each partner considers it OK for both of them to see other people. Some married people who do this call themselves "swingers". But is it a good idea to have such a situation? Perhaps it could lead to all sorts of problems? Perhaps you could end up falling in love with one of the people you are seeing instead of your partner or spouse.

Crystal Clear

I've heard many experts declae that humans are not made to be monogamous, but I believe having an intimate relationship with more than one person at a time seriously complicates things.  Polygamy can lead to a lot of jealousy and resentment, for instance.  

There was a show called, "Sister Wives," that followed one FLDS family - there was one man who was married to four different women.  He'd spend the night with a different wife each night.  Even though all the wives said they were okay with the situation, they would admit occasionally that they did have feelings of jealousy over the time their husband spent with the other wives.  

In my opinion, it's just not a good idea, but maybe it really does work for some people. 


I think they used to be part of the AUB, not FLDS.  They didn't dress like the FLDS and mixed with outside people.  I think the show is still on.  The women sure looked miserable.   It's interesting that none of their kids went down the same path.  


Love is not something which becomes less as you divide it over people. My feelings for A don't drop because I like B. As long as all involved have a mindset like this, it could work.

It wouldn't work for me though, too complex.