This is something that happens far too often. The big boss man of a business that takes place in an office building hires a younger, usually attractive, female secretary to handle his front desk duties. This seems to lead to a lot of broken marriages and issues within the workplace. 

Do you think there should be more male secretaries or maybe keeping secretaries as the same sex as their boss?


If a person is going to cheat, you cant avoid it.

Is up to every person, if the boss is married and hires a male secretary he still can cheat with other woman, if the secretary is married and dont cheat with boss, she still can cheat with other man.

Good looking secretaries (or any other ocupation) dont lead to broken marriages, cheaters lead to broken marriages.


I wonder what it is that you base the proposition "female secretaries leads to issues and broken marriage" from. Surely you're not just going to take the stereotype for granted?


I certainly don't think that any one profession or job should be done by just one gender. I think that secretaries should be both male and female.

However, as for the job of secretary itself, I think that, with modern day technology, there are fewer and fewer secretaries. People now tend to write their own letters, rather than get a secretary to write the letter for them. I don't think anyone learns shorthand any more, or am I wrong?


Actually, it's not true. I've been in many companies where I wrote the letter that was eventually sent by the boss. Simply because I had the know-how. In municipalities, about 95% of all letters are writen "on behalf of" and not "by" - even if the signature is that of the boss.


Ridgeway Pass

People seldom write cursive anymore, let alone shorthand. And John has it right. It's the not job position that makes a cheater. You are either one or you're not.

Taking stereotypes like the one B.O. pointed out and turning them into a reason for changing the type of a person that becomes a secratary  is ludicrous. Sadly though, that seems to be the type of reason why old standards in society are being chnaged.




I think it would be a good idea if more secretaries are men. It does not have to be a job done by women only. Also, we need to have more female bosses, in order to have a balance within society.

However, I don't think that the above would lead to an end in workplace romances - these are always going to happen as long as you have people working together who like one another.