Are there any companies that you believe operate at a high state of morality?  Can ethics and morality be weaponized by companies as a commodity to earn revenue? 


I think Patagonia fits the bill.  The company encourages sustainability and even recommends that buyers purchase used Patagonia goods such as clothing and outdoor gear.  They provide information about mending their goods as well.  I believe most of their products come with what they call an "Ironclad Guarantee".  I have no idea how they treat their employees though andI think that matters too. 


I live in the UK, and I like the Co-Operative Society, which has a large number of grocery shops and other stores. They aim to trade ethically, and their customers can become shareholders. I know that there are Co-Ops in other countries too.

Additionally, I like Fair Trade for ethically sourced tea, coffee, rice and other edibles.

I like to buy from such companies if I possibly can.


I like WakkaWakka, although they went bankrupt (they are trying to revive). They make solar-powered lamps. And for every one sold here, one is donated to Africa.


Costco pays their employees well and offers good benefits.   However, I don't know if they engage in environmentally friendly business practices or if the company does charity work.   I can't think of a company that treats their customers, workers, and community well. I guess it's always a trade-off.