Elvis was said to have been very nervous and uneasy around women his own age early in his career. 

Instead of dating/hooking up with women his own age, he hosted sleepovers for 14-year-old girls. He was said to have especially liked virgins since they wouldn't judge his "performance" in bed. 

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Looking back, I think Elvis had some serious mental issues, including this one. It is unfortunate that psychiatric/psychological support was not good enough back then.

I certainly do not approve of his action regardless of the reason. We should do everything we can to stop adults from exploiting the young ones like this, especially when they are celebrities or other important figures.


I have never heard of this, and I wonder how true it is. There are lots of rumours about celebrities, and a lot of these rumours are just made up by people who bear them ill will.

I read a biography about Elvis, and according to this, early in his career he went out with his high school sweetheart. I don't really know much about what he was like later in his career though.