Chuck is considered. by a lot of people, to be the father of Rock and Roll. A lot of people forget some of the terrible things he had done int he past. In 1944 he was arrested for armed robbery. He only served 3 of the 10 years, I believe in part was due to good behavior and paying it off. In 1961, he immorally transported a 14-year-old across state lines. Served 2 and a half years for that. To top it off, in 1990, he admitted to having videotapes of women using the restroom at his restaurant. This got settled at 1.3 million. 

writing prodigy

I have always been a big fan of Chuck Berry's music, and I had no idea about the filming of women using restrooms! I am quite shocked by that. I think I had heard about the armed robbery though.

It seems that a lot of musicians and performers have had a troubled past.

She and I

Back in the day, rock-n-roll was the slang black people used to say instead of saying "having sex".  We're gonna go rock-n-roll.

If you're looking for moral behaviour out of rock artists, you're going to be looking for a very long time.