Charlie has slept with actress Lita Grey and she became pregnant. She didn't want to terminate the pregnancy, so she was forced into marriage. How was she forced into marriage? She was only 15 years old at the time. Charlie was 35. 


For today standars was forced marriage. For my grandparents being married to such age, was the common thing and was accepted.

Adolescence is rather a modern construct and is ok, since people in other times just jumped from childhood to adulthood without stopping to think in maturity.

In that years a single mother was totally defenseless, and really she was in her right to not termiante the pregnacy.


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If true, wouldn't this be a forced marriage for both? I mean..if you say SHE decided she wanted to keep the child, wouldn't it be HER decision? By the standards of those days, marrying a girl you got pregnant was the honorable thing to do.

The age difference though... I dunno.


I didn't realise that Charlie Chaplin had married someone who was so young. I think that an age difference of about twenty years is a pretty big difference, and may make it difficult for the two people to have anything in common.

If I were fifteen years old, I could not imagine becoming involved with somebody of thirty-five.