You may have heard of bullshit jobs (

Basically, these are jobs which add no real value, but are still -for some reason- paid for. 

  1. flunkies, who serve to make others feel important, e.g., receptionists, administrative assistants, door attendants
  2. goons, who act aggressively on behalf of their employers, e.g., lobbyists, corporate lawyers, telemarketers, public relations
  3. duct tapers, who fix problems that shouldn't exist, e.g., programmers repairing shoddy code
  4. box tickers, e.g., performance managers, in-house magazine journalists, leisure coordinators
  5. taskmasters, e.g., middle management, leadership professionals

How ethical would you say it is to hire anyone for a job of one of these categories? How ethical is it to work in such a job? Are you in a job like this?

Ridgeway Pass

Well, first of all, those people you call flunkies are the ones who provide customer service. They make customers feel as if they matter, which they do.......without customers you don't have a business. So they ARE needed.

The Goons? You're right about that one. What do you call 1,000 lobbyists on the ocean floor? A good start. laugh

The Duct Taper? Things happen dude. It's an imperfect world with imperfect people who make imperfect products. If not for the duct tapers things all around us would start falling apart. No?

The last two I don't know enough about to speak to, so I won't.

This is a good topic, but you really should watch the name calling.



I do no namecalling. I quoted the author ;)

Well, I had to summarize, of course. Someone who works with clients asking for help are obviously more useful. But the example he gives are people who just sit there to make the boss look important. The example given is a receptionist who answers two phonecalls per day :D 
The ducttaper is the guy who fixes problems which are not necessary as the problems could be avoided.

Are you in a bullshit job? Basically, do you feel your job is useless (apart as a source of income)?