There is a new wave of mindset that comes with bigger people, mostly women, being body positive. This is mostly about larger women who tend to be overweight or obese accepting and loving themselves. I think this is great, however, it has gone too far. It has become an issue of health and for many of these women, they are getting the wrong message. Loving yourself doesn't mean you have to lose weight but loving yourself means you would want to because being severely overweight and obese is unhealthy. 



Yes, I think part of loving yourself is taking care of yourself. If you love other people, you accept them but also take care of them, give good meals, avoid pain, try to make them happy. Why not do the same for yourself.

Accept yourself but be aware that you can do better, you have not be a model, but you could want to work out and eat healthy for yourself, to live more years, live other experiences, enjoying the live with the people you love.