To get into character for the 2010 drama "Rabbit Hole", Aaron attended support group meetings for grieving parents who had just lost their child/children. Not only did he attend and listen in, he lied about why he was there and pretended to be a grieving parent himself. 


That is a horrible thing, I am sure some people would help him by telling thier experience, also watching documentals, but taking advantage of suffering families faking your motivations is really wrong.

He is a real Two-Face in real live.

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I dont find anything wrong with it. To get into a skin of the character, I bet this was the right thing to do especially once it didnt hurt anyones feelings in real life


It depends on intentions. If this was so he could better show their position in life, I'd say that by the utalitarion viewpoint of ethics, this is commendable...

(note, I still don't know which school I am in..the one about outcome, intentions, or the Kantian school)


It's not hard to imagine that having a "dead child" was his ticket into the group because it's a sensitive subject.  I bet those other parents confided in him when they wouldn't have had they known it was just for research.  I think the subject matter, child death, is so sacred that the actor overstepped his bounds.  Shouldn't a creative person have the ability to channel grief without resorting to that?

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This is a big "The ends justifying the means" scenario. I would feel better about this if he were doing this research for the purpose of working directly in the field of helping grieving parents. A movie about it might help some people, but in a more impersonal way. 

I'm on the fence with this one.


This is a tough one. 

On one hand, if he wanted to get to know parents' point of views and experiences, a support group would be the best way to attain them.  If he was honest, the other people in the group may have felt uncomfortable or not shared as much. 

On the other hand, I believe that people should always be honest and not deceitful, especially in really dlicate situations like this.  I believe if he had been honest with his intentions, perhaps some of the parents would have talked to him one-on-one about their experiences so that he could gain a better understanding of what they are going through.