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Consultant at Close To My Heart

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Hi, I found this information about Alison: "Today, we welcome guest blogger Alison Krogsgaard, who creates wonderful projects with Close To My Heart!

Hello there! Wow, I am beyond excited to have the privilege and honor to share a bit about myself and Close to My Heart on the Canadian Scrapbooker blog! I am a thirty-something year old mom to 5 year old twins, happily living in Whitecourt, Alberta, and if you can imagine it, you’d think I was one of my children with all the squealing, dancing and overall giddiness I experienced when I received the invitation to be a guest blogger! For me, this is a huge honor! In addition to being a mom to busy twins (who also like to ‘scrapbook’ and ‘make cards’), I’m also a stay at home mom, and most recently a Close to My Heart consultant. Deep down, I had secretly always thought selling paper crafting supplies would be awesome (and now I know I was right), but it took a simple comment during a conversation with a friend to encourage me to jump in. On April 1, I celebrated one year as a consultant (whoo!)- I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to share a bit about this phenomenal company and the wide range of beautiful products they carry.

I had a really hard time choosing exactly what I wanted to share- there’s so much to offer! Are you a seasoned scrapbooker or are you new to scrapbooking? Each of our card making and scrapbooking Workshops on the Go are equipped with most of the materials you need- including instructions to easily and quickly get your project completed. The Workshop on the Go is a fantastic way to skip the lack of inspiration and dive straight into finishing a set of cards or layouts you can be proud of. There’s nothing worse than being all excited to craft- you’ve got everything you need to start, such as the paper, the ink, embellishments, and pictures, and then you sit, stuck because inspiration just won’t come to you. With the Workshop on the Go, inspiration will no longer be a problem. There is enough material included in the kit to create two double page layouts. That’s 4 layouts in total! To create the additional layouts, all you need to do is visit the Close to My Heart website for the instructions. And honestly, there would still likely be paper and other material left once you've completed all of your layouts. How would you use the rest? The sky’s the limit!"

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