A huge turning point was observed in the politics of Pakistan recently, the turn of events also being labelled as a defining revelation when the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif along with his brother, Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, the Chief Minister of Punjab were accused of corruption and holding offshore companies.  It is common knowledge that it is necessary for any incumbent figure to make all aspects of their life public. Hence the allegation of these hidden offshore companies sent the nation in a state of dismay.

The case termed as Panama case, or Panamagate case began as a consequence of the Panama Papers leak, in which the Prime Minister was accused of owning eight offshore companies which were not legally mentioned anywhere. The public along with the law started demanding answers as the Sharif family was faced with increasing criticism. Nawaz Sharif mad

e his statement during his speech in the parliament by declaring that the companies were in possession of his son, Hassan Nawaz. He further said that he would not hesitate to present his case in front of the court to prove that the Sharif family was not, in any way, guilty.

With his state of morality already in peril due to increasing allegations of corruption and money laundering,  Sharif presented in front of the court. He countered the accusations by giving account of how his son had acquired the money for these companies by selling the mills possessed by the Sharif family. His statement however, had too many clashes and was termed as contradictory. The court assembled a team of people from different relevant departments for further investigation, called JIT.

Later, it was discovered that Nawaz Sharif was documented as an employ at his son’s company in Saudi Arabia. This information, however, was not shared with the court and was set as the foundation of the lawsuit constructed against Nawaz Sharif. The Supreme Court of Pakistan, on the basis of corruption, money laundering, and withholding information from the law, disqualified Nawaz Sharif as the Prime Minister of Pakistan and he was no longer eligible to hold office. For the time being, Shahid Khakan Abbasi was appointed as the new Prime Minister.

Nawaz Sharif’s actions reflected back on the entire country. The decision was followed by complete outrage and huge protests by the supporters of the Sharif family. The Panama scandal was massively publicized and overshadowed the politics of Pakistan at the moment. With the next elections just around the corner, the defamation and humiliation of their leader was a huge blow for Pakistan Muslim League N. 

Nevertheless, it seems like the Sharifs have not yet lost their spirits, and are ready to make a comeback.  PMLN is still holding out hopes for the elections being held in July 2018, even though Nawaz Sharif is no longer the official leader. The thrice-elected Prime Minister would not be in the run down this time, but his fate in politics is yet to be decided.    

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