As commonly known corrupt politicians are hard to nab and bring to book for they know how to corrupt their ways to freedom, dozens of probes, panels and investigations done on Hillary Clinton has never gotten her to be charged with any felony.
And that my friends, is exactly the reason why probably many millions of voters, voted for Donald trump due to Hillary’s ways of obtaining wealth.
It all started in 1979 when Hillary magically turned a $1000 investment in cattle futures into $100000 in a space of one year. Surprising enough as aware of what would happen later being the fall of this she never reinvested. It continued with the whitewater land deal scandal involving the rose law firm (in which she was a partner), and the criminal involvement of the Guaranty Savings and Loan Association. Both partners in this deal namely Jim McDougal and Webster Hubbell ended up in jail leaving her scot free. Another partner Vince Foster became deputy White House Advisor and later committed suicide.
Most recently, Hillary became secretary of state followed by her run for president. During this tenure she and Bill became enormously rich through “pay-to-play” speeches and donations to the Clinton foundation. The description of the foundation “crooked Hillary” fits this woman properly. 
An email scandal in which then the secretary Clinton used her private server to transmit classified government documents, thus endangering the safety of this country and criminally violating the federal espionage statute.
In the investigations that followed Hillary was not questioned under oath and no audio or video taping of her testimony was done intentionally. She was later exonerated by FBI Director James Corney saying she never intended to break the law. She was supposed to be prosecuted and jailed for she was guilty as sin, but high level conspiracy carried the day.
In 2013 Russian atomic energy agency, Rosatam, had taken over a Canadian company with uranium mining stakes stretching from central Asia to American west. This deal made Rosatom one of the world largest uranium producers. But the untold story behind all this was the involvement of Russian president, former American president and a woman who would like to be next. At the heart of this tale was several men, leaders of Canadian mining industry who had been major donors to the charitable endeavors of Hillary Clinton.
Unethical behavior displayed by our politicians is something we have tolerated way too much. Many politicians are cut out of the same cloth, enriching themselves and their families at the expense of poor voters. Corruption defines a personality as one who misuses public resources for private power and/or political gains. They do so through abusing public officials whose behavior deviates from the formal government rules of conduct. Hillary Clinton displayed this before vying for a state seat and that’s why she never got it.

cacho fontana

Interesting facts that I did not know. I will study them and then I will have an opinion about the corruption of Hillary Clinton, not now

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