Having been recognized as the most unethical president in the political history of the United States, Donald Trump has made significant waves with outrageous, often prejudicial comments and questionable behaviors. Trump has been described as a narcissist and lacking value. From Trump himself being embroiled in legal battles, his administration has also come under fire for making poor ethical decisions. Looking at the lack of empathy and consequential pursuits, we assess Donald Trump’s state of morality.

When discussing elected USA president Donald Trump with friends, most agree that he is less than idealistic and perhaps even brought much shame to his political standing. Unfortunately, Trump has made a habit of consistently spewing whatever comes to mind resulting in whole lies and half truths. Many believe his harsh and rash decisions are owed to an inability to empathize. Unfortunately, his ethics has come under fire because he cannot make decisions that are determined by equality, peace and fair justice for all.

The Trump administration has experienced incredible upheaval and criticism in its application of politics. You simply need to look at the decision making of his cabinet during the first year of administration to realize the extent of their so-called, “value system.”

Around 180 legal charges were brought forward by the prosecutor for the Department of Justice and Corruption and the ethics czar for the Obama administration against the Trump administration. The report concluded that political figures questioned the state of morality of Trump and his band of merry men and whether decisions where made out in the interest of the country and its people or to fill the pockets of the presidential cabinet. With his abundance of false claims and conflicts ranging from environmental to taxes and healthcare, I believe Trump is an extremist and focused on delivering his own political agendas regardless of who it affects.

My girlfriend has also expressed her shock at Trump’s latest immigration laws and she rarely gets involved in political agendas! All he needs is a few flattering comments in the direction of his views and agenda and he seems to be hooked. I fear that the impulsive actions of President Trump have made him unreliable as a sound political figure and far from the ideal leadership. He has even gone so far as to end the carbon monitoring system by NASA that served to assess international global emissions and ways of seeking environmental health. Several related environmental policies have also been turned down by the administration that would actually benefit the global environment.  Does this mean the complete stripping of our natural resources to reach the bottom line? Having completed environmental studies myself, my business partner and I were stunned at the lack of interest in these poignant issues.

Most of Trump’s decisions are driven by financial gain. From his inability to realize the impact of his statements to the actions of his administration, Trump is considered the most unethical and immoral person in the world. He appears to act in his personal interest and not that of the country, its people and the world as a whole.

cacho fontana

He is really the most unethical president in the political history of the United States. I don't understand the people who voted him


Отчасти его решения обоснованны и правильны пусть и идут в разрез с мнением народа.Важно понять одно - не всегда решения,которые плохи на первый взгляд,могут быть ужасны на самом деле.

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