B2B - What is that?
B2B is the abbreviation of "business to business" and there are many people who have not yet found out what it is. It is a simple concept.
It means actually "business with business" and refers to the transmission of information between manufacturers and distributors of a product. It is an issue that has become fashionable lately, especially in online commerce.
In other words, it is an action, a communication between suppliers of goods and services, not directly with the client.
The latter would be called B2C, "business to client".
B2B is referring mainly to the services that one company can perform for another, in order to increase sales.
In this case, the companies also act as customers, but the focus is on the characteristics of the product, its benefits, its profits. Very different from the case of B2C, in which the client is the final recipient of the action, and is the one that will buy in the end.
Here the strategy will be different, it will not focus so much on the objective reality of the product but will try to win the client with more emotional elements, it will be a kind of "seduction".
Examples of B2B businesses: a company can provide another with certain essential services for its operation, such as presence on the Internet through web pages, social networks and all the resources offered by the online activity today.
It is an objective service. There is no customer to be convinced, as in the B2C, where the customer should be flattered, their tastes should be investigated, the product should adapt to some extent to them, otherwise, they will not succeed in the market.
Although it may also happen that the client is inserted, subliminally, certain wishes that he does not necessarily have in mind. This is what is called "making a claim". Or you can promote fashions and customs, which customers will follow so as not to be out of the ordinary.
Well, although the B2B does not directly address the client, it has an indirect influence on it, since the task of one company in favor of the online presence of another will be giving a boost to the product, in its image, which is ultimately what that reaches the customer.
Only this is not in the minds of those who make B2B as a primary recipient.
This has to do with marketing, for example. The better this is, the better the visualization that a company and its products have in the market.

And I think that all this is an important field to measure the "morality" and ethics of some company, B2B should be based on ethical behavior. Otherwise, it will not work any longer...

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