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Khalifa Bin Zayed AL Nahyan is the supreme commander of union defense force and the president of the United Arab Emirates. This royal family has already $150 billion resources but it seems that all this money came from major corruption with offshore companies he is among the world top corrupt politician and has linked dealing with worlds top leaders in panama papers. Khalifa Bin Zayed AL Nahyan is the owner of dozens of properties in London which is worth of 1.2 billion dollar which include BHS building on Oxford Street and Mayfair’s Berkeley square estate. He is considered as the top most corrupt politicians of the world.

cacho fontana

Dicen que el poder corrompe y que el poder absoluto, corrompe absolutamente... quién dijo esto, Napoleón? Es verdad. El dinero es poder. Y cuando el dinero es ilimitado el que lo tiene cree que es Dios, que es inmortal. No es así, cuando deje este mundo el Sr. Khalifa no podrá llevarse ni un centavo