The purpose of EIT is to give you the opportunity to assess the state of morality of the person who interests you.
On hearing the opinion of many other people about the person you are interested you can properly regulate the relationship with him.
We encourage you to share views about the persons, express opinions, agree and disagree with others, discuss and debate.
We expect you to do so in a civilized manner and respect the rights of others to views and beliefs that are not yours.
EIT retains the right to delete or edit any description or comments we deem detrimental to discussion or which are at variance with universally accepted morality and decency.

Added Person will be deleted if 

  • the person is under 18 years old
  • the description language  does not match the permanent  place of residence
  • the person is deceased
  • the added person  is already in the tracker
  • description is rude, insulting, a personal attack, abusive, derogatory, defamatory, or sexual in nature.
  • not specified properly current, permanent  place of residence (not the place of birth)
  • the chosen photo has an inappropriate aspect ratio or cropped incorrectly (must be 4:3 and clearly visible face)
  • the image contains more than one person
  • the image quality is poor

Your post will be deleted if it contain

  • hate speech; racist, sexist, homophobic slurs; if it is discriminatory
  • incitement; advocates violence, public disorder or criminal behavior
  • any web links
  • pornographic text or web links
  • spam, self-promotion, advertisements
  • copyright material posted without permission
  • complaints about your posts being deleted
  • any privacy violation whatsoever

EIT may delete comments if they are:

  • repetitive, duplicates
  • incoherent, inconsistent with what is considered normal writing
  • irrelevant to the story, post, video, image
  • meaningless, contain stand-alone links
  • written by individuals impersonating someone else

EIT will not be held responsible for the content of person description or comments posted by users. 
If you come across a description or comment that you think should be brought to the attention of the moderators, please use the feedback form to share your concerns.
These rules are subject to change without prior notice. 
Users repeatedly violating the rules will be blocked.