The world around us has seemingly evolved, however, it devolves into a continuous state of corruption and immorality, from world leaders to the common people on streets. 


Modern politics all over the world is becoming increasingly dirty, corrupt and extremely immoral.



Celebrities don't care about morality at all.

Today, the quantity of goods and services provided far exceeds the demand for them by a large margin.  Competition for customers is fierce.  Therefore, quality advertising that reaches the largest number of people possible is absolutely critical to succeeding in business.  

Unfortunately, people's attention is not grabbed by positive things. Rather it is scandal, obscenity, filth, rudeness, and the like that tends to attract the most attention.  

This human weakness has been successfully exploited by public figures to raise their popularity, by ad men who entice people into buying goods and services, and also by bloggers to gain views and clicks on social media in the digital age.  The internet has democratized manipulation of the masses.  

The pursuit of easy money dulls people’s most basic sense of morality and dignity.  It allows them to silence their inner voice and ignore their conscience.  

Imagine a world in which ethics and morals were the driving forces behind our decisions. Instead of rubbernecking and whipping out their cell phones to film someone getting hurt people would run to help that person get out of harm’s way. Instead of cheering for the villain at the movies everyone would strive to be heroic in their own way and become a hero in the eyes of others. 


 to gain views and clicks

Ethical Index Tracker it is a system that will allow us to evaluate the moral and ethical state of anyone from public personalities, business titans, Hollywood celebrities down to an ordinary person like your neighbors down the street or the people you work with.  

Anyone can be added to the Ethical Index database, and the EI Tracker will track and score their morality based on other people’s reviews and opinions about them.  These reviews will contribute to running morality point tallies and limit the desire of people to gain profit in unethical and immoral ways.  If people know that they are being reviewed or might be reviewed they will think twice about how they treat others.  

The goal is to help people see how their behavior affects others and give them the incentive to be better people. We are not here to judge anyone. But we do want people to be more aware of themselves and their connection others.  


To ensure objectivity and the safety of our users we provide complete anonymity to all contributors to our global ethical database.  We want all reviews to be a fair reflection of the person being reviewed and to give them constructive feedback.    


Imagine a world in which ethics and morals were the driving forces behind our decisions.

Please consider donating what you can to help promote the project. All contributions are appreciated and it will have impact also on your success.

If you would like, we can add your name or your business name with hyperlink on "They are Making the World Better" page and send you our badge.

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